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 Information on the processing of your personal data

In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations No. 679/2016 ("GDPR")

The company Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA  in its role of data controller informs you of the following regarding the processing of your personal data in accordance with [For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, the identity of our data controller shall be available upon inquiry by email.] Data Protection Regulations (the "Regulations").


Purpose of the processing


Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA  processes the personal data you provide when you register on the website http://www.fantic.ca  (the " Site") and its special sections, during events, fairs and exhibitions organized by Fantic or in which Fantic participates and during the course of your interaction with Fantic, including details of purchases made.


With reference to sale activities and interaction with Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA, this includes all the activities that take place at points of sale and online, meaning the management of your interaction with our websites and our Internet and mobile apps (subscription to websites and online initiatives such as newsletters, mailing lists, events, competitions and promotions) and the provision, on request, of information/materials. The Privacy Policy of the Site is published on the following web page: http://www.fantic.ca/privacy-policy     We process your personal data for the purposes described below.


Customer relationship management purposes


Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA processes your personal data to manage your registration and interaction with the Site, and to provide you with the products and services requested. Specifically, Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA  processes your personal data for the following purposes: to allow you to register and login through authentication to the Site; to respond to your requests for information and/or materials; to provide the products, services and assistance you have requested and the related after-sales services (e.g. warranty); to correctly execute the obligations deriving from a contract with you or to carry out pre-contractual activities at your request (e.g. contacting you following a request for quote), also by means of transmission of the data to the sales network (the so-called Dealer) or to third parties contractually bound to Fantic.


Furthermore, Fantic processes your personal data to fulfil legal obligations and regulations related to the above-mentioned activities and to exercise rights in a court of law.


For these purposes, it is necessary to provide your personal data, and refusal to do so would prevent Fantic from carrying out the above-mentioned activities, such as answering your requests for information, materials and supplying the products and services requested.


  1. b) Additional purposes


With your consent, which is optional, Fantic will use your personal data for marketing purposes,  that is to send you promotional newsletters, commercial or advertising communications, for direct sales, product surveys aimed at surveying Customer and potential Customers’ satisfaction.


Marketing activities are carried out by e-mail (newsletters), phone, sms, MMS, chat, banners on the Site, instant messaging, social networks and traditional mail, including the sending of invitations to events in which Fantic participates or that are organized by Fantic, the Fantic sales and support network or its commercial partners. These communications also include offers on products, services and initiatives from Fantic's commercial partners.


With your consent, which is optional, Fantic uses your personal data for profiling activities through the collection of information related to your preferences, habits, lifestyle, information on your interaction with the Site and on the purchases you have made, for the creation of group and individual profiles ("profiling") and, if you have given your consent for marketing activities, also to send you personalized promotional communications and special offers. The additional information used will be: information obtained comparing data collected by Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA with data that is usually available to the public, such as social network profiles that you have made public; information collected through cookies and other tracking technologies present on the Site (see our Cookie Policy, accessible from the Site's home page www.fantic.ca); where applicable and only in compliance with the Regulations.


Personalized marketing activities may be carried out by e-mail (newsletters), phone, text message, MMS, chat, banners on the Site, instant messaging, social networks and traditional mail, including submittal of invitations to events.

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Providing your personal data for the above-mentioned marketing and profiling purposes is optional and in the event that you do not give your consent this will have no effect on the possibility of purchasing Fantic Canada products and receiving the information, materials and services requested, including after-sales services. To check or modify your preferences you may contact us at any time by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Based on the legitimate interest of Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA, in compliance with the GDPR and within the limits of Italian law (art. 130 paragraph 4 of Law Decree 196/2003 as amended by Law Decree 101/2018), we may use the e-mail information provided by you when you purchase one of our services and/or services and/or products to offer you services and products similar to those purchased by you (so-called "soft spam"). However, should you not wish to receive such communications, you may notify Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA. at any time by using the link provided in the email communications you receive. In this case, Fantic will stop the above-mentioned activity without delay.


We may also send you surveys for non-commercial purposes, which are not mandatory, whenever you may wish to help us assess and improve the quality of our customer service. We collect data from your survey responses (both service and product surveys) that alone, or when used in conjunction with other information we hold about you, may enable us to identify you.


Through some social network accounts, e.g. Facebook , YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter, it will be possible to login to the Site (the so-called "login"). The personal data used for the operation of the Site and for registration on the Site are acquired directly from you, except in the case where you expressly request registration and the related login via social network on first access, or subsequently if already registered. If you use these features, the Site will store through the social network of reference only the information from your profile that you expressly authorize the sharing from the social network to the Site. The linking of the social network profile will result on your related social network accounts. Please refer to their specific privacy policies for any further details. The Site does not disclose any information about you to social networks.


  1. Methods and legal bases of the data processing

Fantic processes your personal data with and without the help of electronic instruments, on the basis of logics and procedures consistent with the purposes specified below and in compliance with the Regulations, including confidentiality and security.


The data may be supplied by you at the moment of your registration at our points of sales, through paper and/or electronic means, acquired during visits to our dealers and retailers, supplied during events, fairs and shows in which Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA  participates or that are organized by Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA   by members of the Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA  sales and support network or by Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA  commercial partners, or supplied during your interaction with Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA   and all of their  websites.


In compliance with the Regulations, the personal data concerning you acquired from time to time is used to update and correct the information previously collected.


We process your personal data on the basis of your consent, of a legitimate interest of Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA to carry out activities of a commercial nature, obligations deriving from a contract between you and Fantic or legal obligations.


You have the right to revoke your consent at any time, but such revocation does not affect the lawfulness of the processing previously carried out.

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  1. Recipients of your personal data


Your personal data are accessible to duly authorized personnel on a need-to-know basis and are communicated to other external parties in the following cases (i) when communication is required by applicable laws and regulations to legitimate third party for said communications such as authorities and public bodies for their respective institutional purposes; (ii) communication necessary to execute a contract or pre-contractual activities triggered by your request, e.g. communication of your data to one of our Dealers or business partners to allow the same to provide you with the information, products or services you requested; (iii) communication to third parties in the event of extraordinary operations (e.g. mergers, acquisitions, transfer of business, etc.).


Your personal data is also shared with our service providers, e.g. for services of a technical and organizational nature that are functional to the above-mentioned purposes such as independent contractors, also in associated form, shipping companies, marketing, and payment management firms. We only supply these subjects with the data necessary to carry out the agreed services and they act as Data Protection Officers on the basis of the instructions received from Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA.


Finally, in order to provide you with Fantic products and services you have requested (e.g. to ensure you receive the same benefits throughout the world), your personal data may be accessed by other companies in the Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA  Group such as importers, dealers and our commercial partners on the basis of the applicable privacy law.


  1. Transfers of personal data outside the European Union


Some of the companies in the Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA   Group, in the sales network or third parties contractually bound to Fantic, that may access your personal data are also located outside the European Union, in countries that do not guarantee an adequate level of protection for personal data according to the standards established by the Regulations. Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA adopts the necessary precautions for the legitimate transfer of data (e.g. through the implementation of the Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission). You may request information on the transfer of your personal data abroad at any time by contacting Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA or the Fantic Data Protection Manager at the contact details specified below.


  1. Storage of your personal data


Your personal data are stored by Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA  for the time strictly necessary to pursue the purposes for which they are collected. Legal regulations impose obligations regarding the preservation of documents for accounting and administrative purposes that according to the ordinary limitation period for contractual actions we will delete once the 10-year period has elapsed, starting from the moment of termination of the contract.


The personal data processed for the "additional purposes" listed above will be kept for a maximum of 5 years for non-customers and 10 years for customers and former customers, a period considered appropriate given the frequency of purchase of our products, considered luxury goods.


Once the storage period has expired, your personal data will be automatically deleted or anonymized.

Upon request submitted to the Data Controller or Data Protection Officer, the interested party may receive detailed information regarding the storage periods of his/her personal data processed by Fantic pursuant to the Regulations.


  1. Data Controller and Data Protection Officer


The Data Controller is Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA with headquarters in Sutton, Quebec, Canada, 12-B rue Principale South, Sutton, Qc, J0E 2K0 - Canada. The Data Protection Officer is domiciled at the Data Controller's registered office and is available at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  1. Your rights


You may contact Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA as Data Controller or the Data Protection Officer at the addresses specified above to receive an updated list of our data protection officers (that is our service providers) and the subjects to whom your data has been disclosed and to exercise your rights as per art. 15 and subsequent ones of the Regulations; access to your data to verify whether your data exists or not and other related information regarding your data, as well as the rectification, erasure, portability and restriction of processing of your data and you have also the right to lodge a complain to the Data Protection Authority (Personal Data Protection Authority).


In addition, you may, at any time, object to the processing of your personal data processed for direct marketing purposes and, if required by a particular situation, you may object to the processing of your personal data processed on the basis of a legitimate interest of Fantic Canada by EMOBILITE.CA unless it is demonstrated that there are compelling legitimate grounds for Fantic to proceed with the processing (e.g. to exercise a right or to defend a right in court)


April 1, 2021


By the Administration of Emobilite.ca for Fantic Canada E-Bikes

Office: +1 (579) 436-8777

12-B rue Principale South, Sutton, QC. Canada, J0E 2K0

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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