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View Now all of our  Videos on Fantic Canada E-Mtb's & E-Bikes 2021

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1-Fantic Canada Demonstration of all our models FOR EVERY E-Bike & Bike, Fantic.ca Ebike of Canada By Emobilite.ca  

TIMING: 1m42s

Fantic Canada is proud to presents a super video with all of our new models available for 2021 ,   All mountain, Enduro, Trails, Downhill, Urban and Issimo series  for a complete product line sure to satisfy yourself….

With an APP, rechargeable powerful batteries our E-bike will bring you joy and powerful emotions.

1280x15px red line Fantic Canada Fantic.ca

2-Fantic Canada AN APP FOR EVERY E-Bike, Fantic.ca Ebike of Canada By Emobilite.ca.    

TIMING : 1m04s

There are plenty of apps for cycling - whether for racing cyclists, city cyclists, gravel or mountain bikers. The portfolio of more than 4000 available applications ranges from navigation and training planner to bike-fitting tools. But which of them really make sense and keep their promises?

Fantic.ca has an amazing APP  for all of its E-bike, for all product lines such as:

compiled the most helpful bike apps for a wide range of applications. And the best: They are for free!

Apps can make cycling easier, more pleasant, safer, more comfortable, cheaper or simply more entertaining. But when looking for the best bike apps in the Google Play Store and Apple Store, the choice is huge. ISPO.com provides an overview of the most convenient free apps for Android and iOS.

ISSIMO is your new APP that helps you easily and quickly to organize a lot of information of your Fantic ISSIMO ebike.

 1280x15px red line Fantic Canada Fantic.ca

3-Fantic Canada Powerful Emotions with our Product line series; enduro, trails, all terrain, issimo, & Urban collections, Fantic.ca Ebike of Canada By Emobilite.ca. TIMING:  3m12s

“I get personally big and strong emotions  when I take my E-Bike for a ride here in Magog, QC,   I live near Mont Orford,  and trust me  I live my life on my E-Bike from Fantic Canada,  that it is downhill,  across bumps,  in water  (small puddles) or hit a small rock  will doing trails,  it is an amazing bike.  I just love my Fantic Canada E-Bike..”

Fantic Canada EQUALS  Powerful Emotions when riding the World’s best E-bikes….

1280x15px red line Fantic Canada Fantic.ca

 4-Fantic Canada The Real Ride of a Lifetime with our E-Bikes, Fantic.ca Ebike of Canada By Emobilite.ca.  TIMING: 2m12s

Gettings powerful thrills while riding a Fantic Canada E-Bike  is right on!   With amazing features on all different series, chocks, power motor, long lasting battery,  quick rechargeable battery,  and build for the traisl, downhills, gravel or whatever!

With the INTEGRA XF1  and XF2  series  ,  this are very PRO seires  build the experienced  riders!  The one who really knows quality of parts, of the build and especially powerful moto with the most amazing chocks!

If you are experienced or a PRO   this the model for the HARD TRAIL!  I recommend  mostly !

I just enjoy my Fantic Canada E-Bike!

1280x15px red line Fantic Canada Fantic.ca

5-Fantic Canada by Emobilite.ca presents How to assemble your Issimo E-Bike in less than 30 minutes.   TIMING:  11min 35 s

It is quite simple to assemble your E-Bike by Fantic Canada,   in this video your will see and have instructions to all major assembly,   and just with a few tools put it together very quickly. 

Along with the manual of instructions supplied with your E-Bike.   It is very easy .

If you have purchased your E-bike in Canada please follow the instructions here below to get in contact with a distributor close by you….

1280x15px red line Fantic Canada Fantic.ca


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