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How to assemble your Fantic Canada Issimo E-Bike in less than 30 minutes.

Please click here to use the dealer locator.

The dealer must give the owner the motorbike documents, which are User Manual and Warranty Manual (complete in every section, pre-delivery inspection form included).


 Exclusively a Fantic Canada authorised dealer can give you this information. Look for the closest dealer here.


We strongly recommend to seek help only from Fantic Canada authorized dealers. Look for the closest dealer here in our authorized Dealer Section for Canada..

All homologated and permitted tires can be found in the motorbike’s or E-bike’s  registration certificate.

You will find all permitted types of petrol in the User Manual.


This information can be found in the User Manual.


Every Fantic Canada authorized dealer will be able to provide you with a PDF copy of the User Manual. Otherwise, you can purchase a paper copy through an authorised dealer.

Fantic Canada  warranty conditions can be found in the Fantic Canada  Warranty Manual that you will receive.


Interventions under warranty can be carried out by any Fantic Canada authorized dealer in the country of purchase of the product and in Canada.

The warranty period lasts 24 months (check in manual for all E-Bikes) and is indicated in the Warranty Manual. It starts from the date of first registration of the motorbike or E-bike.


The warranty period lasts 24 months and is indicated in the Warranty Manual. It starts from the date of first purchase of the e-bike.

By following the maintenance table of the User Manual, and having the service done only by authorised dealers. Moreover, it is fundamental to use the vehicle properly, in compliance to its original conformation and to the User Manual.

Yes, the Fantic Canada warranty is linked to a vehicle frame number, and can be transferred to a new owner.


In case of recall, all owners of the vehicles included will receive communication from Fantic Canada (or from your authorised dealer or from competent national authorities) via email or phone (based on the details you have given the authorised dealer), to make an appointment in the workshop.

Any Fantic Canada authorised dealer has the necessary means to verify potential updates for the motorbike or e-bike.


For motorbikes, it can usually be found on the head tube. For e-bikes, it can usually be found under the motor case or under the horizontal tube. By any means, its exact location is written in the User Manual.

The most important information is included in the User Manual. For any further information, we recommend asking a Fantic Canada authorised dealer.


At each dealer you can get a full inspection before every cycling season here in Canada.

Please, click here to use the Dealer Locator for Canada.


Each dealer in Canada, has all the Fantic Accessories, tires, batteries, bags, water bottle...  for your Fantic Canada E-Bike. Please, click here to use the Dealer Locator for Canada.


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