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Fantic Canada presents issimo: The commuter completely ecologic and green

Fantic Canada expands the e-motor bike (E-Bikes) variety with a completely new car which combines the historical price of the logo and an innovative and ecological vision of the marketplace milan, 2 october 2019 - these days fantic motor, one of the brands that have written history of italian motorcycling, offers his new urban automobile: issimo. A progressive idea that creates the ring of conjunction between mopeds and pedal assisted motors: an e-car with a character magnetic, with a design that conjures up the bike world, the managing of a bicycle and the zero environmental impact of the electricity deliver. Issimo opens a new one bankruptcy of green mobility.

One in all a kind, issimo is an appropriate alternative to public delivery and motors, for flow across the city and environment in comfort and protection, respecting the environment. Amusing and smooth to power, issimo represents the future of individual mobility, wherein capability marries sensitivity closer to sustainable improvement.

Issimo displays fantic motor's historic capacity to supply solutions present day, with attention to each detail, with revolutionary era. The brand new version is characterised by using its subtle layout, ruled by way of the geometry of the lovely uncovered trellis frame, die-forged in high-energy aluminum alloy.

Fantic Canada presents all E-bikes Models and Series   during a Tradeshow in Europe. 10m12s

The facet covers of the body, available in severa up to date colorations, smooth to apply and to update, to create

Non-public combinations and alternate the personality of your issimo with a single gesture.

The suspension fork, also in aluminum, has a travel of 80 mm. All of the additives are premium, to contain the burden in just over 30 kg and to feature to the numerous qualities of issimo the measurement of reliability.

The shimano nexus five-speed planetary gearbox is designed especially for e-bikes, for its electricity and sturdiness. Inserted inside the rear hub, it does now not require special protection and guarantees maximum fluidity, essentially performing as a automated variator. The modern-day technology electric motor, with electricity maximum of 250 watts, 36 volts and a torque of 80 nm, leaves the lines of the layout and is located near the middle of gravity of the issimo, for ideal weight distribution and superb balance.

Braking is usually effective, modular and secure, thanks to the one hundred eighty hydraulic disc brakes mm in diameter, each at the front and on the rear. Other essential factors that make this e-motorbike flexible and best for everyone

Scenario are the fsa steerage and the 20 ”x four.0 fats wheels, pothole-evidence, pavé and tram tracks. Issimo is the precise automobile for all lovers of two wheels who they want to have a realistic, at ease and in particular secure answer. Street preserving it's exquisite, and protection is extra than just a feeling.

The 630wh lithium-ion battery, with a number of 70 to a hundred and twenty km, lets in you to tour even lengthy distances without risking strolling out of energy. The backlit multifunction display is usually sincerely legible and shows all Important records related to autonomy, riding strategies and sort of path and sure can hook up with smartphones.

Fantic Canada presents the Headquarters where the best E-bikes in the world are made, in Italy.     1m44s

Issimo is proposed in two versions, expressions of as many lifestyles: urban and fun. Issimo city is the appropriate answer for folks who want to apply the automobile in the metropolis and like regular manner of shipping, to reach paintings or university. The tires have a tread sample suitable for asphalt and the rear fender is lengthy prepared for the application of a bag.

Issimo fun is right for folks who do no longer surrender on going off the beaten tune and differentiate themselves

For the fast sporty “tail” and the knobbly wheels, which also permit a comfy grip wherein the asphalt ends.

Fantic motor has decided to create a latest era vehicle to meet the green mobility wishes of a constantly developing purchasers. The eye of clients closer to merchandise that aren't simplest sensible and at ease but also able to replicate your character, is contemplated inside the four exceptional liveries and in the colourful cover for the body.

“our intention has always been to create revolutionary products which are updated times and with the desires of customers, creating an answer which can come to be the factor of reference for the city mobility market ”publicizes mariano roman ceo of fantic motor “issimo became designed to reply  fundamental needs of recent years: clever mobility and ecology. With this product we want to provide a green and realistic alternative to all people and students who every day they have to cross the city to attain the office or university and sense the need to

Have an green manner of transport. "

Fantic Canada presents an Urban ride in the city with our E-Bike series fit for it!  2m11s

Andrea casini, unicredit co-ceo business banking italy pronounces: “web hosting at our headquarters this assembly promoted by means of one of the ancient two-wheel brands made in italy like fantic, as well as being a supply of pride, it has a price for us symbolic. That of fantic is in reality a stunning tale of a enterprise re-startup, a route virtue of increase based on essential drivers such as studies and improvement and enhancement of human assets with high capabilities ".

Issimo will be to be had from october fifteenth, 2020  at a recommended retail fee of  $$$$$

Fantic motor s.P.A., founded in 1968 in barzago (lecco), inside the Nineteen Seventies it has end up considering that right away one of the most vital eu motorcycle producers. The fantic logo came early found out the various nice recognised and cherished thanks to caballero, a real fantasy for young human beings. From 1 october 2014

Fantic was acquired by way of venetwork. The brand new ceo is eng. Mariano roman, technical director of aprilia, moto guzzi and laverda for extra than twenty years.

Nowadays fantic, which has its headquarters inside the province of treviso, maintains to develop one range of high-tech merchandise, which include off-road motorcycles, e-mtb, the brand new variety caballero, combining new types of mobility with consolidated initiatives with heat engines.

Fantic Canada builds all its E-bikes in italy, specifically motorcycles inside the manufacturing facility in quinto di treviso, e-bikes at the santa maria di sala plant. With around 80 personnel, Fantic closed the 2018 turnover at 27 million euros.


  • Motor Power: 250W
  • Torque: 80 Nm
  • Battery: SIMPLO 630Wh
  • Gearbox: Shimano Nexus 5 planetary speed
  • Front and rear brakes: Shimano hydraulic 180 mm disc
  • Front fork: suspension, 80 mm travel
  • Frame: reticular beam, die-cast aluminum alloy
  • Looking for: Gipiemme
  • Tires:

- Urban, Vee-tire Co Fat, 20 ”x 4.0 - with road tread

- Fun, Vee-tire Co - Fat, 20 ”x 4.0 Mission Command, with knobby tread

  • Front light unit: Trelock Veo 50
  • Rear light unit: Spanninga Pimento
  • Ratios: 40-tooth chainring, 24-tooth pinion

Fantic  Canada by Emobilite.ca

Marketing and Communication Manager - Ebike division.

BUR.: +1 (579) 436-8777

EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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