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Tuning up your E-Bike one or twice a year, depending on the usage!



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Owning an E-Bike is a big investment these days, this is why a maintenance and overall to check the important parts of your E-bike is very important.

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At Fantic Canada and thru our authorized dealer,  we can do this for your ;

-Verify your tire pressure regularly, check usage on tires as well.

-Verify is your battery is in good condition, verify all cables connecting to your battery

-Verify if they are no crack into your aluminum or carbon frame,  small little cracks (for does who do hard trail)

-Verify if your Apps  has the latest downloads…


Verify your braking system as well.

Make certain your Fantic canada ebike has a certified dealer motorcycle keep who's  experienced along with your kind of e-motorbike.

Have the store look at and track your motorcycle yearly, or twice a 12 months if you trip frequently.

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    • pinnacle off battery fee whenever you've got the hazard. ...
    • hold tires properly inflated. ...
    • test brakes frequently. ...
    • regularly clean, lube and look at your chain.

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No matter your using fashion, having your ebike serviced at least as soon as a yr will preserve you on the street and trails longer. ...

Ensuring your tires, drivetrain, motor, and brake structures are in tip-pinnacle shape are the maximum important factors of ebike preservation for the Province of Quebec cyclists.

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1.Do away with battery and shows earlier than cleansing or cover with a cloth or film, if necessary.

2.         Use motorbike shampoo, brush and tender sponge and in no way a steam cleaner or high-pressure cleaner.

2. Utilisez du shampoing pour moto, une brosse et une éponge tendre et en aucun cas un nettoyeur vapeur ou un nettoyeur haute pression.

3.         While lubricating the force chain, ensure that no lube receives onto the disc brake.

Please make sure to take an appointment with Fantic Canada or one of its Authorized dealers before taking your E-bike on the road for the coming season.



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