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We are the Candian Branch for the Exclusif product line of Fantic in Canada by Emobilite.ca.

We are the Candian Branch for the Exclusif product line of Fantic in Canada by Emobilite.ca.

We offer the sale of all Fantic E-Bike, along with the service and warranty of this amazing Product line.

We are here to give to you the best along with the special attention needed for all the amateur, intermedior or professional rider.

"Live the experience with our team in Canada"

“It will be the ride of a lifetime!”

Fantic Canada The Real Ride of a Lifetime with our E-Bikes, Fantic.ca Ebike of Canada By Emobilite.ca.  2m12s

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Why pick out Fantic Canada ebikes?

Seeing that 2015 Fantic has been synonymous with layout and era, ardour and emotion, way of life and innovation, ideas which might be the inspiration of a project that includes one hundred twenty people, from studies and improvement to design, advertising, income, logistics and purchaser care.

All merchandise are strictly made in italy, a hundred% synthetic inside the manufacturing unit of the santa maria di sala (venice)  area, wherein the precise integration of production, logistics and purchaser care permits us to respond to clients' wishes and requests speedy and in steady contact with the r and d branch.


The excellence  of our products remain a big thrills and lots of emotions while riding, tested at the most disturbing dirt trails, off road, mountains, in downhill or whatever…, it is the result of r & d and revel in, that is inside the subject.  We preserve contact with customers to are trying to find excellence with out compromise.  We deliver this via collaboration with the best deliver partners inside the world.

  • Fantic Canada 2021 by Emobilité.ca with the superb collection of E-bikes, a brand new variety born from imagination and ingeniousity, the only E-Bike that lets in you, with the possibility  to mix the revel in of the logo and your  emotions of you “THE RIDER”, engineering and emotion for one nice adventure.

  • Six different SERIES, fifteen e-mtb models - 5 more than last year: Fantic offers itself at the 2021 marketplace as faithful as ever to its philosophy, on the lookout for excellence beginning from the technical lifestyle and design of made in italy and allotted with the aid of emobilite.ca  in Canada..

  • Fantic’s creativity stems from a rigorous design course, an approach to innovation that involves all sectors of the business enterprise: the rider's need suggests an concept, which will become a task, then an engineering version and sooner or later a motorcycle to be examined on the maximum demanding trails in France, Spain, Germany, Greece and all over europe, to return to the laboratory once more, to make and perform the latest modifications to our models.  Handiest at this factor, after trying out, does the model reach the market.

The success of the Fantic from Italy  is validated with the aid of the numbers; the first-rate confirmation of a undertaking within the motorcycle and e-bike marketplace that is rooted within the high-quality made in italy subculture and continuous innovation.   The fantic mission has a projected turnover of about one hundred twenty million euros in 2021, aiming to come to be a hundred and fifty million in 2022, with the goal of achieving 209 million euros in 2024.

Pictures of our EMTB All Terrain E-Bikes / Photos de nos Séries Tout Terrain, VTT (VAE)

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